Gardening Guides: How Do You Landscape A Small Front Yard?

Are you looking for ways to upgrade the appearance of your home, but aren’t sure how to do it? Does your landscaping lack charm or plan, or do you feel like it is too small to add any detail or decorations?

Homes in Cape Cod are known for their charm and elegance. Having a nicely landscaped yard plays an important part in the appearance of your home. If you have a small front yard, you may be wondering how to keep the Cape Cod charm while landscaping your property. 

Are you wondering how to landscape a small front yard in Cape Cod? If yes, you’re really not alone. Find out what you should know today.

Here are some tips for making your small front yard into a beautiful landscape.

Make a Plan for Your Small Front Yard

Having a plan for how you will landscape your small front yard will help you to best utilize your space and create a beautiful landscape. 

The first thing you need to do is get a good sense of the size of your property and how you will size your plants and decor. Small yards are all about utilizing the space that you have. 

Once you figure out how to size your design, you can start thinking of styles for your small front yard ideas. Come up with an aesthetic you want to stick with so that your yard doesn’t end up looking too chaotic or cluttered. 

Next, you can start to sketch out a plan and find pieces for your yard that will fit your style and best utilize your space. 

If you have a porch, get some hanging plants and decor. This is a free decorative space and won’t make your small yard look too busy. Use stacking planters or vertical planter shelves. This will help you best use your space while displaying more plants. 

Vines and climbing plants are more great options for small front yards. Use the space on your walls to add beautiful plants without taking up yard space. 

Use plants to frame features in your yard. Line your driveway with a mini garden or encircle small trees for your front yard with smaller plants and decorations. 

You can also utilize corner spaces for plant boxes or for adding more decorative features. 

Add Some Decorative Plants

Your small front yard will come to life when you add in some decorative plants. The rights plant combinations can really make your yard pop and give your yard more charm.  

Use lots of green to make your front yard come to life. If you want low-maintenance plants, you can use evergreens, or you can use different leafy green plants for a more tropical look. 

Add pops of color. This will add flair and bring attention to your small front yard. You can plant flower beds of tulips or hydrangea bushes along the side of your home to add colorful charm. 

Use flowers to make borders and edges around other features of your yard. You can get creative with the design and use the borders to add contrast and dimension to your yard. 

For hanging plants, you can use bright and colorful flowers to make your porch more lively. Swap out different seasonal plants with the changing of the seasons to keep your landscape looking festive and updated. 

Remember not to overcrowd your yard with plants. For a well-designed landscape, you should have a balanced yard with just the right amount of plants and decor. 

Add Decor Into Your Landscaping 

You can really add character to your small front yard by adding different decorative pieces. No matter what your personal style is, you can find different features that either serve a purpose or are just for show. 

Add in a center, eye-catching art piece. You can really make this piece the focal point of your small front yard by implementing the floral borders and edging around it. 

Add lots of texture to your yard. You can contrast the soft flowers and lush plants by adding wooden or rock features to create depth and texture. 

Add in a water feature. Whether a big, center fountain is your style or a small trickling stream would better fit what you are looking for, adding in a water feature will give your yard a character boost. 

Use rocks, gravel, or stone features to create designs in your yard. If you don’t want the burden of taking care of plants in your garden, you can create artistic designs with rocks and gravel to add a modern charm to your yard. 

Add in small statues or accent pieces. If your plants are the stars of the show in your front yard, small accent pieces will add the perfect amount of balance. 

Use fun pieces for your planters. You can use old wheelbarrows, a hollow sculpture, or anything else you might find to create a personalized and fun feature for your yard. 

Personalize Your Small Front Yard

Even if you have a small front yard with not a lot of space, you can still make it your own and personalize it with these small front yard landscaping tips. 

Your house can still have the Cape Cod charm while expressing your own personal style and interests. With the right planning, plant layout, and decorative features, you can make your yard represent you!

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