Spring Landscaping Checklist

February is almost over and spring is less than a month away! Other than enjoying the weather, a small to-do list can help bring your yard to life this season. Print out Imperial Landscaping and Masonry’s to-do list to help you get started with spring preparation.

Lawn Prep.: As soon as you start to see green growth, rake up the dead grass on your lawn. This helps make room for new grass to grow while allowing air, water and nutrients to seep into the turf. To allow for a thicker grow, wait until your grass is about four inches high before mowing to prevent scalping. This also improves the roots, and lessens environmental stress.

Plant Annuals: March is a great time to plant annuals for your spring garden beds. Flowers that thrive in the north east are Marigolds, Geraniums, Snap Dragons, Pansies and Impatiens.

Plant Pruning: Plants tend to acquire a lot of damage during the winter due to freezing temperatures. Much of the plant dies in the winter, but the good news is that you can revive it in the spring! Pruning your plants requires you cutting off the dead parts. Cut at a 45 degree angle and make sure you trim to the point of seeing a healthy green stem. Some plants may require being cut down close to the ground. With other plants, cut just above to where the leaf attaches to the stem. Both of these techniques will promote new growth.

Enjoy!: Spring time calls for less frigid temps. So get out there and enjoy the weather!