Yard Drainage Solutions

Let me start out by saying, we are not complaining about the lack of snow this winter. Temperatures have been warmer than usual bringing us rain instead of the white fluffy stuff. With rain brings … Read more

Hardscape Additions For Your Outdoor Space

What is Hardscaping? We probably don’t talk about it often enough but masonry or hardscaping is a huge part of what we here at Imperial Landscaping and Masonry do every day. Hardscape elements bring a … Read more

Landscaping in the Winter

Year Around Business In the winter things do tend to slow down in terms of outdoor work. Although, there are some last minute clients who just couldn’t get around to picking up those pesky fall … Read more

Snow Removal Safety

Snow removal is a big topic in New England this time of year. We hear of all sorts of accidents and injuries happening during snow storms. Many of these injuries or accidents happen right at … Read more

Fall Clean Up and Why It’s Important

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. But the leaves usually look prettier on the trees then they do on your yard. Did you know that letting leaves sit on your lawn for an … Read more

Irrigation Blow Out

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System How to Make Sure Your Pipes Don’t Freeze and Burst This Winter. *Irrigation blow outs can be dangerous if not done properly. The force due to the pressure can cause injury, … Read more

Fall Lawn Care Essentials

Aeration and Slice Seeding Aeration Summer is over and done with and your lawn seems to have seen its fair share of foot traffic from all those barbecues you hosted. Over the course of those … Read more