How Often Should You Have Your Lawn Landscaped?

When people drive by your home, what do they notice? Do they see the perfectly hung shutters and the scalloped siding on your eaves? Do they see your flowers and perfectly manicured lawn? 

Take a moment to drive by your home as if you’ve never seen it before, and ask yourself what impression it leaves. Do you feel welcome? Or do you have an eyesore of a yard desperately in need of some professional help? 

The right curb appeal takes time and a lot of sweat equity. Lawn care maintenance services make maintenance possible when you do not have the time or physical ability to give your home the amazing curb appeal you want.

Once you’ve found lawn care services near you that fit your budget and taste, you may wonder: how often do I need to have my yard landscaped? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the benefits of lawn care maintenance and regular landscaping services. 

Regular Lawn Care Maintenance

Regular lawn care maintenance consists of constant care that keeps your yard looking pristine. A quality lawn care company will understand when weeds begin their cycle of attacking your lawn. They will treat your yard for those weeds as well as the underground pests that can compromise your yard. 

Furthermore, regular lawn maintenance services will mow and weed eat your yard regularly when the growing season is in full bloom. Expect a lawn care technician to trim your yard at once every one to two weeks during the summer months when grass grows fast. 

Imagine coming home from work to a freshly mowed lawn. Picture yourself driving onto your property after being gone for two weeks and knowing you don’t have to jump on a mower immediately to fix the two-week growth that occurred while you were recharging. A lawn maintenance service will offer you security from professionals that know how to handle the weeds and pests particular to your part of the world. 

Furthermore, lawn maintenance experts understand how to create the right landscaping for each season of your life. You will have experts at your fingertips when you want to spruce up your home’s exterior. 

Proactive Landscaping and Maintenance

The right landscaping company will not just maintain your lawn. They will also think proactively and prevent future problems. They will know when to aerate and fertilize your lawn as well as how to treat your trees and shrubs. 

You won’t have to worry about what to do and when to do it when you hire a professional. The right landscaping company will also see potential problems with your current landscaping. They can determine if the current landscaping works best for your yard and then fix it. 

Furthermore, even if you don’t need landscaping changes, a full-service lawn care service knows how to maintain your current landscape. They can build up a retaining wall or replace the old mulch.  

Adding Curb Appeal

You may have a single theme or idea in mind but not know how to achieve it. Enter the pros. 

When you hire a professional landscaper, the designer will visit your home and neighborhood to determine the best design for your home. Then the landscaper will come to you with a few design ideas to see what you believe looks best. 

In the end, the right combination of trees, gardening elements, and shrubs in the right places will create the right ambiance for your home. 

Remember that even landscaping has a timeline. It will wear out or grow outdated. Having your home landscaped every few years will give it the spruce up it needs to keep your home in its current century. 

Functional Landscaping

Landscaping serves a functional as well as fashionable purpose. For example, if your home has problems with water leaking into the basement or crawl space on especially rainy days, the right landscaping will help divert water.

A professional landscaping company will know how best to handle unwanted water problems. You may need deeper window wells for your basement windows or a built-up yard. Perhaps you need the landscaping to raise higher and then slope at a more drastic angle away from your home. 

Furthermore, improper soil drainage will cause problems with water conservation. You may end up having a saturated yard because your landscaping does not properly divert water. Professional landscapers will help solve this problem. 

Good landscaping will also prevent pest problems. When you have bushes, shrubs, or thick plants right next to your foundation, you provide a great place for pests to make a home and wiggle their way into your home. Landscapers will know what materials to use and where to use them to keep pests at bay

Landscape With Purpose

A lawn care maintenance company can do more than mow your lawn. They evaluate your current landscaping and will identify both functional and form problems.

You will ultimately end up with a manicured lawn, fewer weeds and pests, and healthy plants, trees, and bushes. Your home value will improve as well as your home’s curb appeal. People will drive by slowly just to capture a glimpse of your beautiful landscaping rather than driving by slowly to gawk at your eyesore of a yard. 

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy an oasis of a home without the manual labor that goes with it. The professionals will keep your yard beautiful. 

If you haven’t had your landscape evaluated recently, do so soon. A good lawn care maintenance company can handle both your weekly grass needs as well as your annual landscape needs. 

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