What Is The Difference Between Pruning & Trimming?

Pruning and trimming are two techniques professional and homeowners perform when taking care of gardens. Trimming usually applies to maintaining small shrubs or hedges, while horticulturists use pruning for trees and shrubs. The end result of trimming and pruning are healthy and aesthetically appealing trees, shrubs and hedges


Pruning it is the removal or reduction of parts of a plant that are not requisite to growth or production, are no longer visually pleasing, or are injurious to the health or development of the plant reducing risk from falling branches.


Trimming applies to tidying up a small shrub or hedge appearance by removing overgrown branches. Gardeners usually trim shrubs and hedges for aesthetic purposes. However, excessive overgrowth is harmful since it reduces the amount of moisture and light a shrub receives.


The required frequency for pruning or trimming varies among plant species and weather. Spring flowering trees need pruning during late June, immediately following the trees’ blooming cycle. In normal cases, trimming service is performed twice in a year while pruning is done annually.