The Benefits of a Brick Patio In Your Backyard

Are you a Cape Cod property owner that feels something is missing from your backyard? Do you want to add a bit more personality and style to your backyard aesthetic? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about the benefits of a brick patio for your backyard.

A brick and stone patio can offer you several benefits. It can help tolerate the local weather, increase your property’s value, and boost the overall look of your backyard.

See below for an in-depth guide on the benefits of a brick patio in your backyard and why you shouldn’t wait much longer to build one.

1. Increase Your Aesthetic

Your backyard is your oasis; it’s the part of your house that allows you privacy as you sit and take in the great outdoors. In a lot of ways, it reflects who you are as a homeowner. The fence can give you as much privacy as you want, the landscape can be as lush or as limited as you want… you get the idea.

But no backyard is complete without a nice place for you and your family to sit. A place where you can all hang by a nice fire pit or hang around an outdoor dining table while you talk and eat barbecue. 

A brick patio gives your backyard an instant boost to its aesthetic. It offers you so much freedom in terms of other additions to the porch as well, such as creating a permanent awning made of wood. 

Better yet, brick patios give you a long-term and consistent aesthetic. Because of the durability of the brick and stone patio, you can look forward to the same good-looking patio for many years to come. 

Here at Imperial Landscaping and Masonry, we can help you create beautiful masonry projects such as patios, decks, walkways, steps, pool coping, retaining walls, and more. 

2. Durability At Its Finest

There’s no denying the beauty that some other materials can offer you for a backyard patio, but none of them are as durable as a stone patio. Brick patios are made with the outdoors in mind; they are created to withstand everything that the outdoors can throw at it.

Cape Cod weather can be somewhat unpredictable, so it can be difficult to keep your wood patio properly treated for when the rain or snow will come. With a brick patio, you’ll always have a deck that can hold up to the elements and maintains its youthful and colorful design.

The second that you pay for a brick patio to be installed in your backyard, you’re giving yourself a long-lasting return. They can easily last 25 years or more, and they’ll stay just as beautiful during that entire lifespan.

Brick and stone patios are also impervious to other outdoor factors, such as common pests. You won’t have to worry about termites making a home in your deck or rodents making a home underneath your deck.

Building a patio with a masonry service, such as ourselves, ensures your satisfaction as a homeowner. There won’t be any pressing issues or concerns after we drive away from your property. 

3. Cost-Efficient Purchase

Those of you that have purchased a patio before know that the name of the game is finding one that fits within your project budget.

One of the things that most homeowners don’t take into consideration is the additional expenses that they’re signing themselves up for. For example, a wood patio will require additional services such as occasional restaining, replacing decaying wood, and so forth.

With a brick patio, the entire purchase is more cost-effective. After having it installed, there are very few additions or improvements that will need to be made. 

Even if a few pieces of your brick patio need to be replaced, it doesn’t cost very much and takes only a few minutes to perform. You’re simply switching out the old stones with new ones, giving them a new look.

4. More Space

Say no more, right? If there is a way to give yourself more space in your backyard, then you’re all for it. 

Well installing a brick patio will certainly do the trick! Rather than closing off a certain portion of your backyard, it merely adds beauty and quality to the area that’s already there.

You and your family will love the seamless transition from a brick patio to the grass in your yard. It offers a distinct area for things like grilling, outdoor kitchens, or pool areas without making any area of your yard feel secluded or cut off.

5. Many Different Options

If you thought that you only had one or two options when you installed your brick patio, then think again! 

Brick patios offer you several different options for colors or shapes. For colors, you can choose between red, brown, pink, gray, and more. We could even get ones with a bluish tint if you’d like.

We can offer you many different shapes and show you samples of each. These shapes will help you create a beautiful pattern that will span across your entire backyard patio. Better yet, an occasional power wash is all that’s needed to keep it looking sharp.

Unlock the Benefits of a Brick Patio for Your Backyard

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the benefits of a brick patio for your backyard, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the nine questions to ask before you hire a landscaper for your property. To get started, please call us directly at 508-241-1888 and we will be happy to assist you further.