How to Select a Lawn Care Service Package that Fits Your Needs and Your Budget

On average, each home in the United States spent over $500 on lawn care services; this figure has risen steadily from an average of $317 in 2014. So Americans are becoming more obsessed with ramping up their curb appeal.

But, is the average person spending too much?

Read on to find out how to select an appropriate law care package.

What’s in a Lawn Care Package?

First impressions are critical for a property, and the outside appearance usually pre-empts the house’s condition. No one wants to have an ugly lawn, backyard, or garden; to accompany a sparkling interior. 

Aside from giving the owner peace of mind, a property’s outward appearance can also significantly increase its value. 

A lawn care package doesn’t just have to be mowing the lawn. It can also include garden maintenance and landscaping services such as: 

  • Killing or pulling weeds
  • Fertilizing
  • Mowing and edging
  • Trimming of shrubs or hedges
  • Backyard landscaping
  • Planting 
  • Mulching

Sometimes, landscaping companies combine masonry services into their jobs too.

Unfortunately, homeowners often get confused by lawn care services and either unsubscribe or oversubscribe for their actual needs. That’s not to say that lawn care maintenance shouldn’t be part of a healthy home care budget. Just make sure a reputable company is involved, and each service in the package provides value.

Choosing a Lawn Care Package

Several factors determine what should go into a lawn care package. 

Budget requirements will impact the frequency and inclusions of each visit from the landscaper but so should the garden itself. For example, there is no point in paying for a weed service if there are no weeds.

If someone can’t afford to take care of all their needs at one time, it’s a good idea to choose a service they missed out on the last time the service provider came to the house.

What Is the Purpose of a Lawn?

Sometimes taking care of the lawn can be pushed back as a priority. Looking at why a beautiful and soft lawn adds value to a home can help see the reasons to take care of it.

The simple fact is, cushy grass is simply better underfoot, and spending any time outdoors is instantly improved by a well-kept lawn. 

Any kind of outdoor entertaining during the lush summer months in Cape Cod becomes more impressive to guests with a great lawn too.

Some people just want that perfect green lawn to look at or are trying to maintain exterior beauty that constantly gets ripped by children or pets.

Whatever the case, a lawn care package can help keep a lawn green year-round.

What Does Your Lawn Need?

The state of the grass will determine the level of attention and time required to get it into shape. 

Usually, achieving a wow factor will require some extra effort. In this case, general mowing won’t fit the bill, so a more expensive service, including planting and fertilizing, is on the cards. 

Some areas in a lawn may need better drainage to get greener or some other form of professional lawn care intervention. 

Additionally, tender love and care entailing; watering, edging around walkways and driveways, landscaping, and sometimes updating lighting that will take a lawn to the next level. 

All in all, a property owner should identify the weak areas that need special lawn care services to aid you in selecting the appropriate lawn care package. Or, a professional can help choose the best service.

Duration for the Different Lawn Care Services

Services such as landscaping are usually one-off. Once in a while, a property owner might change the garden’s layout, move plants or add stone walkways. 

Meanwhile, some services need to be done frequently, especially in spring and summer weather in Cape Cod, such as lawn mowing, edging around walkways, pruning, or trimming plants and flowers. 

Keeping the different frequency of various lawn care services in mind, a property owner can then select a package according to the schedules it offers. 

Further, property owners should find out how often the professional lawn care company will work on the property, is it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? They may have to do some minor care on their own between visits from the professionals.

Seasons and locations

“Winter is coming!” The classic Game Of Thrones expression is also a reminder that the different seasons pose challenges, so there’s a need to prepare. 

Ensure that the property maintenance and lawn care package factor in the effects of different seasons on your property and its exterior. 

In the interim, remember that there are plants that do well in specific regions. In this case, enquire about what grows best in Cape Cod and which lawn care package will ensure your plants thrive.

Certain types of grass are more likely to survive winter too while others can die and leave room for more weeds to grow

What’s an Appropriate Budget?

Homeowners don’t need to spend a lot of money for their lawn to look great; simplicity can sometimes be the ultimate sophistication. 

Once the needs and those of the property are identified, a professional service provider can work out how to address those specific areas, tackling one issue at a time or with one big initial service. 

In addition, it can be a good idea to find out what chores or services homeowners can carry out on their own to save money, maybe by pruning, edging walkways, and weeding while hiring experts for more complex lawn care needs. 

Doing some work on their own can considerably reduce costs; however, there’s no need to do this if the budget allows for a complete lawn care package.

Getting help

So far, it’s clear that there are many variables when it comes to selecting a lawn care package for your Cape Cod property. Even so, a reliable lawn care company will have your interests at heart and will assist you in crafting a suitable lawn care package. Contact Imperial Landscaping and Masonry today to develop a personalized lawn care package.