Top Reasons to Have More Trees in Your Yard

Last year, the landscaping market had a value of $105 billion. It will continue to grow as more homeowners discover the value of landscaping their property.

With the gradual transition to a remote working nation, people spend more time in their homes. This has increased the demand for a more conducive environment.

However, you can’t transform your yard overnight. Creating a beautiful yard landscape will demand patience from you.

Planting more trees in your yard is one of the first steps you need to take. Keep reading this article as we uncover the top reasons to have more trees in your yard.

Increase Property Value

People want to choose one with the most beautiful yard landscape when buying a house. Thus, if you intend to sell the property sometime in the future, you can start planting trees now.

Planting trees is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property over time. It’s cost-effective and has higher returns. In some states, you can even reap up to 10 % more returns due to the presence of trees.

Enjoy Clean Air

After spending a day in a polluted city, you need to return home to a clean environment. Trees clean the air around you. They do this by trapping particles in their leaves and barks.

This immersion in nature is called forest bathing. There are a ton of health benefits of being outside amongst trees!

Trees also take in carbon dioxide and pollutants such as ammonia and nitrogen oxides. So you will hardly detect any bad smells in the air.

The trees then replenish the air with oxygen, enabling you to enjoy fresh air in your yard.

Protect House from Weather Damage

Harsh weather conditions can bring about undesirable effects on your home. For instance, hail storms cause irreversible roof damage. Trees reduce the force at which hail stones hit your roof by creating a buffer.

Besides, flash floods can cause wear and tear to your perimeter wall. This can lead to conditions like moss growth at the foot of your house.

The moisture seeps into the interior. A clear indication is that the moss spreads to your basement ceiling.

You can protect your house by planting more trees in your yard. The trees will slow down water runoff during floods. Thus, the water will have little or no effect on the perimeter wall.

Moreover, trees facilitate the intake of excess water from the soil. So your house won’t stand on soggy grounds. This will prevent the perimeter wall from absorbing unnecessary moisture.

In the long run, tress will save you thousands in repair services.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

During hot summer months, trees will keep your home cool. By providing shade, trees reduce the amount of heat that reaches your home. Thus, you will enjoy a natural breeze without needing an air conditioner.

Did you know trees can also help you keep your home warm during the winter months? Trees are windbreakers that reduce the amount of wind that reaches your home. They create a blanket around your home.

Moreover, these trees help you avoid major noises. But it all depends on the positioning of the trees. Plant more trees in your yard to have an optimal environment.

Enjoy Medicinal Value

Trees come in different types. Consider having some medicinal trees in the mix as you landscape your yard. They will help you make eco-friendly home remedies.

These herbs and shrubs have aesthetic value as well. It’s all about how you place them in your yard.

Since it’s hard to estimate the size of the tree a few years later, you will need expert help when spacing. Outsource a professional landscaper to help you pick the proper plants and space them in the right way.

Add a Source of Food

Suppose the idea of bare trees doesn’t excite you, plant fruit trees. Fruits will be great for family snacks. You could also enjoy making homemade jams from the fruits.

Consult on what fruit trees do well within your area. Luckily, you can’t lack one or two species to plant.

Doing so will provide your family with better quality fruits than most organic stores.

Boost Your Landscape

Designing a beautiful yard landscape demands balancing the brick patio and the greenery. If the balance is upset, it will be easy for the guests to notice.

Remember that landscaping your yard is a long-term investment. Therefore, you can’t afford to make landscaping mistakes at the beginning.

Trees vary in size and color and so you can manipulate their shapes to reflect a personal style. Plant more trees in your yard to improve the look of your landscape.

Lower Energy Bills

By being natural thermal regulators, trees create optimal atmospheric conditions for your home. Hence, you reduce the use of air conditioners during the hot summers.

You will also have less need for electrical heaters during the winter season. The trees will help you save on fuel costs. This is one of the best economic benefits of trees.

Reduce Stress

Some people plant a tree to nurture it. You may think of them as stupid, but a lot goes into the process of taking care of a plant.

You feel more at peace when taking care of an animal or plant. Studies show that even looking at trees for five minutes can reduce stress.

Go ahead and plant trees to take care of after work. This is an ideal decompressing activity because it only takes a few minutes.

Reasons to Plant More Trees in Your Yard

You’ll have nothing to lose by planting trees in your yard. Yet, so much to gain. Cut down
on fuel costs while still increasing the value of your property. However, you need a professional to help you with tree positioning to achieve the desired yard landscape.

Here at Imperial Landscaping and Masonry Inc, we aim to design the perfect outdoor space for you. Contact us if you want to plant more trees in your yard.